On November 1, 2003 a beautiful baby girl was born in Costa Rica. This baby’s name was Cristina. I lived in Costa Rica for 1 year until me my mom and dad flew to Florida. The reason we moved to Florida was because my dad had most of his family living there. When I was 4 there was a big hurricane and I went outside and fell on a broken flower pot and had to get stiches at the hospital.
I recived the stiches on my left arm and still today you can see it. After that my parents and I moved to North Carolina because it is a safer place to raise a child. My dad’s family still lived in Florida when we moved but two years later my grandparents and uncle also moved to North Carolina.
Im a very spoiled child but Im not a brat. When I was younger my dad worked at home and we would do homework together. My mom went to Nicaragua to retrieve my older half sister Yuliana and it took a whole year but finally my mom returned.
My parents got divorced when I was 7 or eight. My mom moved out to her own apartment with Yuliana and I would switch houses between my grandparents, mom’s and dad’s.
I went to public school until 4th grade and started homeschooling. Im currently in 5th grade but I am doing 8th grade work in math.
When I was in 2nd grade I started tennis at a Fuquay Varina Group that wasn’t very good. Since then I have grown in tennis and play a lot better.
So far my life has been interesting I wonder what it will be like it twenty years.


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