What’s New With Tina

My 11th birthday was November 1. This special day was Saturday and I did lots of fun activities for my birthday starting on Wednesday. On Wednesday my grandparents invited my friend Trinity and I for lunch at T.MAC and to Dave and Busters for games. It was so much fun and we really enjoyed it.
I received gifts the whole week. I really enjoyed all my gifts and definitely appreciated them. On the day of my birthday I went to the spa with my dad and his best friend Johnny to get our nails and feet done. After I opened my present from my father he gave me a Mac Book Pro Computer. I could not believe it because these types of computers are extremely expensive.
Jonney gave me a CD port for the Mac because the computer itself did not have one. I was so happy to get my new computer but it took us 3 hours to get everything situated and it working properly. Sunday morning I got a case for me to carry my Mac around. My dad took me to moms where I helped her pack up.
My mom was moving so it took a long time to get everything out of the apartment and then finally we finished. Then my mom made food for my mini birthday party. There was only 1 family because we only had that amount of food. Then I got to open my moms and sister’s present.
I received 100 dollars from my mom and a jacket from my sister. So overall I had a fantastic 11th birthday and I appreciated all my gifts.


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