Space Dog

Duke was not an ordinary dog as he could talk and his roommate was a human. The humans name was Rover and he works at NASA. Duke of course had an owner and his name was Joe Prescott. Rover, Duke and Joe went through the front door of their home. “Joe, aren’t we going to be late for work?” asked Rover. “Yea, if we don’t run!” Yelled Joe. They all ran heading toward work.

Joe and Rover went inside the work building. Duke tried to act causal but suddenly the guard came out and tells Duke no dogs allowed. Duke soon makes his way over to the dog park.

As Duke walks into the park all the other dogs ignore him. Suddenly a small 3 lb. Scotty dog comes running up to Duke. “Don’t talk me” said Duke. Scotty responded: “Oh I know why I didn’t properly introduced myself. I am Prince and I just moved here from Scotland so I’m new.” Duke growls in anger and runs away.  “Poor little Duke” chuckled King, the German Sheppard. “Leave me alone King” barked Duke. King responded: “Fine, Duke, if you go to the moon and bring me a space rock you can be the king of this park and I will be humiliated and be the lowest of  the low in this park. “That’s a bet” howled Duke.

Suddenly, Joe and Rover walked over to Duke. “Come on boy” said Joe. Duke walks over to Joe and Rover in jubilation. “Um, Rover do you think it’s possible that I could go to space?” mumbles Duke. “Ha, ha easy” yelled Rover.  “This will be great to send you off to space and I could go with you and we could make history!”

Joe wanted to go also so they all packed their gear and jumped into their astronaut suits. On November 1st they were ready to go and all three jumped into the space shuttle and went up, up, up and away. Within twelve hours the space ship landed on the moon and they carefully stepped out.  “Yahoo!” yelled Duke. Quickly Duke saw a piece of space rock and placed it inside a jar.  “Let’s go” Said Rover and they soon departed.

They landed back on earth and the first thing Duke did was to return to the dog park. “King, look what I have” showing the space rock. “You did the impossible” responded King.  Duke was soon called King Duke by all the other dogs and everyone called him a dog hero.  He made history and so did Rover and Joe.

The end.


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