The Bunnies New Ears

This is when the animals where just beginning to work for the humans and the world was fresh with nature’s smell. The first bunny’s name was Roger and he wasn’t the smartest of the pack of animals, in fact he was the dumbest. Every time Roger said something stupid Tiffany the alligator would slap him in the head with a log. After a few years bumps started to form on Roger’s head so he asked Doctor Giraffe what was happening to Roger and he didn’t know. A few years later the bumps were still there and the two bumps started to form fur. Roger soon found a mate and they had babies who were incredibly smart.  The two bumps on the babies were still there and even looked natural on them. Nobody made fun of them and when Rogers’s children became older they too had babies and they also had bumps on their heads. But all the other animals didn’t call them bumps, they called them ears. And that’s how bunnies received their ears.


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