Going to the Theater to see Plaid Tidings

index                  Cristina and TrinityPlaid TidingsPlaid_Tidings1_web

Wednesday the 18th I went to the sequel of Forever Plaid called Plaid Tidings at the Temple Theater in Sanford. I went with my friend Trinity shown in the picture with me.

 I was very happy with the seats as we were placed in reserved seating in the middle of the theater. The show started at 9:30 am and the main idea is that the Plaids come back to earth after being dead. They come for just one mission, to give the audience Christmas songs. They sang lots of Christmas songs and skits to go along with.

 After that I went to lunch with my grandparents we went to a pizzeria and got some sandwiches soup and salad.

 Over all I liked the Plaids and I thought the songs were good and the skits were very humorous.

 And I hope you can go see it before the season is over.


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