America’s Revolutionary war

The American Revolutionary War began in 1775 and started between the kingdom of Great Britain and the 13 colonies, and gradually grew into a world war between Great Britain on one side and the newly formed United States, France, Netherlands and Spain on the other side. The war started in Massachusetts and was a war for America’s independence.

The British thought that they would fight in an open field but the Americans would shoot their guns from trees in the forest. The British were trained soldiers and followed the accepted rules of warfare. The American fighters weren’t trained soldiers and in fact the Americans had almost no rules for the war. The Americans knew how to shoot guns and rifles because they had a lot of practice shooting live stalk.

One of Britain’s rules was not to kill the governor from America’s side. America didn’t have that rule so they hid up in forest trees and when the governor of great Britten arrived, BAM! The governor was shot. Now Great Britain had no leader so it made it easier for the Americans.

Many people not in the war would sit on a hill and watch the war and sometimes they would have a picnic.

There were many people who fought in the war. On the American side George Washington was the leader and commander and 25,000 lives were lost on America’s side.

The war lasted a long eight years. On September 3rd, 1783 Great Britain pulled out a big white flag and surrendered in Virginia.

And that’s how the thirteen colonies attained its independence from Great Britain and became the United States and soon enough have 50 states.


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