Giordano Bruno

Bruno was born in Nola, Italy in 1548. His father was Giovanni Bruno, a soldier, and his mother was Fraulissa Savolino. In 1561, he enrolled in school at the Monastery of Saint Domenico. Within a few years, he had become a priest of the Dominican Order. Bruno was a brilliant man, and he got tired of being a priest, so he left the order in 1576.

He started wandering Europe as a traveling philosopher. He was outspoken, but not truly appreciated while in the Dominican Order. Giordano Bruno started to study the universe and soon found out that the earth was not the center of the universe. This idea about the universe did not sit well with the Catholic Church. They lured Giordano Bruno to Rome with the promise of a job, but when he arrived he was caught and spent eight years in chains.  Even a death sentence handed down by the Catholic Church did not change his attitude about the earth not being the center of everything.

He told them “In pronouncing my sentence, your fear is greater than mine in hearing it.” On February 19, 1600, he was driven through the streets of Rome, stripped of his clothes, and burned at the stake. I think it was not fair what they did to him, because he was smart and was correct. I guess they didn’t want any correct people in society then.

By killing Bruno the Catholic Church demonstrated cruelty and isn’t it ironical that the Church teaches to refrain from harming any living creature but does the opposite to Giordano. The Catholic Church restricts the thinking of people by forcing them to think a certain way. It represents very narrow minded thinking and even though they do many good things it questions the legitimacy of the Church.


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