Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte  Napoleon Bonaparte, whose name means lion of the wilderness, was born on an island called Ajaccio which was being ruled by the French in 1769. The people who lived on selling fish where poor because they owed a lot of tax to France. Napoleon was unusually small and was made fun of at school and learned to fight back with the children who teased him. Napoleon’s father knew his dream of becoming a soldier when he grew up and he sent him to France to go to the military academy. He studied hard there no one liked him because he was short in height. One day his teacher called him in and said “if you want to be a great soldier you must get along well with others.” After hearing his teacher’s remark Napoleon made efforts to be on friendly terms with other students. As a result his friends recognized that he was better and recommended that he was class leader. While he was studying being a military soldier he heard the sad news of his father’s death. He had to not show his sadness even though he could not go back to his home town because of the strict rules of the academy. After finishing Military School he carried his duty’s faithfully as a soldier. He rose up the officer ranks during the later stages of the French Revolution and became a General. As the leader of the French army he went on an expedition to conquer Europe. Napoleon was the first console of France and did a lot to help like reform the tax law. Napoleon decided to become an Emperor. Napoleon was finally defeated in war between France and Russia at the. The French people turned on him and was exiled to island of Elba. Louie the 18th became king and the French went back to living a hard life and when Napoleon heard the news he left the island secretly and returned to France. When Napoleon returned everyone screamed in joy and yelled. Louie the 18th ran away. Napoleon became Emperor again. The British army had a plan to destroy Napoleon. Napoleon joined in a war 40 days after he came back. Napoleon was defeated in the war in the Battle of Waterloo and was exiled to a different island. He grew weaker there and died at age 52 on may fifth 1821.


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