How to Take Care of a Dog

Dogs are man’s best friends. Humans have taken care of these animals for a long time. Many people and children want to get dogs now a days. Children love dogs because they are cute and cuddly.

When you ask your parents for one they are most likely to say no. Parents say no because there is more work to them than petting a dog.

I will show you all the steps of having a dog.

Number one you have to get a dog. Dogs are found in many places such as animal shelters and pet store for sale ads on computers and newspapers.  There are many dog breeds to suit your preferences. People who like to have a buddy to sit of their laps should probably buy a small dog like a beagle or dachshund. People who like to exercise and love being outdoors should get a big dog.

Step two is that if you’re getting a puppy or a grown dog you should always get them food, water, toys and a vet.

Step 3 is to bring them to the vet to get their shots.

Step four is to bring them home and get them to love you.

Step five is to walk your dog. All dogs need to be walked whether the owner likes it or not. Most parent don’t want to get a dog because it poops and does its business and the parent always get that job of cleaning up the poop. If you’re getting a puppy you need to potty train it just like a child.

Step six let your dog get to know you and the house she/he is staying in.

Step seven enjoy your new dog.


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