Helen Keller and Her Beautiful Heart


A beautiful baby girl was born in a small village in the State of Alabama in the United States in June 1880.
Her father named this pretty baby Helen.
This baby was Helen Keller who overcame a lot of adversity and gave hope to a lot of people.
The bright and innocent baby suffered from a severe fever on a cold winter day.
Although she survived thanks to her parent’s great care, she wasn’t able to see and hear any longer. She was blind and deaf.
Helen grew to be a badly-behaved child.
She often got upset and laid down on the ground and cried loudly.
Her parents were very sad about her behavior.
One day Dr. Rayan Bell recommended a tutor for Helen.
When Helen’s teacher Anne Sullivan met Helen for the first time, the child behaved very badly.
As teacher Anne taught Helen with love and patience, she gradually changed into a good child.
When Helen was 13 years old, Principal Fuller of the Boston School for the Blind offered to teach her the method of pronunciation. Later on, Helen entered the prestigious Radcliff Women’s University. Anne helped Helen with great effort. At last Helen graduated with honors. The story of Helen moved a lot of people. Afterwards, Helen did a lot of work for the benefit of the disabled. She gave lectures and raised funds. As a result, she set up a foundation for the disabled and welfare facilities.
She also corrected people’s prejudice against the disabled. She closed her eyes quietly at the age of 87 in 1968.


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