Aesop’s Fables

Aesops Fables_350 Aesop’s fables was created by Aesop himself, a slave who was believed the live from 620 and 560 BC in ancient Greece.  Aesop was a story teller and his tales were reinterpreted over time in various artistic mediums.

Aesop’s fables where mostly about animals. Most of these animals were used to show morals. All his books have morals at the end of them. His first book what published in 1436.

My favorite of Aesop’s fables is The Fox and the Stork. The one book that made him famous was The Turtle and the Rabbit and the moral is slow and steady wins the race.

I now wish to deliver Cristina’s own fable called The Cat and the Mouse.

Once upon a time there was a cat who treated all the mice like peasants the mice where nice to the cat and begged the cat to save their lives by not eating them. The cruel cat made them do all the chores and made the mice tired until they could do no more. The mice were scared of the cat who was crowned queen and loved the eat mice. But in secrete the cat never liked eating mice. One day the cat died and the mice cheered. There was a new baby mouse born who was her soul coming back from another life. This cat went to another mice village and she was being ruled over by a cat who made her do all the chores.

Moral of the story is to treat others like you want to be treated.


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