Jonathan L S Richard David Bach was the author of Jonathan Livingston seagull. Jonathan Livingston Seagull was a best seller and was very uplifting to many of the readers

Jonathan Livingston Seagull was a very high intelligent bird.  He knew that there was more to life than food. Life to him was flight.  Flight was all he could think about. He was independent and different from the flock and everyone wanted him to conform to the group.  His parents even told him that he was bone and feather and wanted him to change also.

Jonathan never listened to them but he always had strange voices in in his head when he experimented with different flight techniques.

One time he was called up by one of his elders. He thought that being called up would be a good thing. When the elder told him that he was a disappointment in the flock and would be banished Jonathan got upset and told everyone how there’s more to life than food and that they can all have a higher purpose for life. However, they refused to listen and didn’t want to learn.

When he was banished from the flock he was free to fly as much as he wanted without anyone telling him that he is wrong.

Jonathan later meets more intelligent seagulls who take him to a sort of heaven for gulls. They tell him he is one and a million, because he has the lesson of life that it is not just to ‘get through’ but to seek your own perfection and most gulls have to go through a thousand lives before they realize this.

Jonathan realizes that he can choose his own world and that heaven is not a place but is perfection. In his next life he starts to teach other seagulls his way. He taught seagulls how to fly and Jonathan had a list of many students who loved to fly like him.

Jonathan was more than the average gull. He is a fighter for what he believes. And it’s amazing how he is now teaching other students. Jonathan has a very high mindset. Most people don’t have an individual mind like him. This is truly a great story and is a very spiritual story as well. Jonathan Livingston seagull is my favorite book of all time.


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