Sugar is Deadly!

sugar-evil sugar-sxchu Sugar may be sweet and brings lots of satisfaction but it is also deadly! Sugar is everyone’s favorite sweet and people sometimes eat too much.

Sugar is very bad for you because it can make your blood presser higher. Sugar is also very fattening because it is not very filling so it makes you want more food. Sugar and sugary foods are unhealthy for you because they are hard on the body.

Sugar tends to be high in calories while having little to no nutrients. It also does not fill you the way good nutritious food should therefore, it will have you eating more. This is bad because, if you’re not exercising and you’re eating more, you’re going to ruin your caloric deficit which means that you’ll be gaining unnecessary weight.

Sugar can interfere with the absorption of protein which you need in order to function properly. Too much sugar in the body also affects our mind’s ability to learn and recognize what’s going on around us. It’s making you dumb.

Many people claim that sugar is poisonous and you should stay away from sugar as much as you possibly can.


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