Dogs Are the Best


Dogs have been mankind’s best friends since the dawn of time. Cats have been also but which is better: dogs or cats?

Different people have different opinions. I think dogs are better because you can train a dog more easily than a cat.

One of the most popular reasons why dogs are better than cats is because you can train them. This amounts to being able to have your own robot-slave.  They can perform tricks just for amusement

Additionally dogs give you more exercise because you have to walk them. Dogs need to be walked two times a day so it’s good exercise for you and your furry friend.

Dogs can protect your home from thief’s and robberies. Dogs have loud barks and when a dogs sees the stranger they will make a loud bark and scare the robbers away.

Dogs will play with you and be lovable. Dogs will play with you and go running. Dogs will also let you pet them and play roughhouse with younger kids.

Many dogs can feel you’re upset so they will try to comfort you like no cat can.

I love animals but I have to say dogs are the best!


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