Silky The Silkworm

silkworm Silkworm cycle 34 silkworm cycle

Silk is nice and soft but how do we make this soft silk? Silk is made from an insect called a silkworm. The silkworm makes all the silk that women and men love to feel and wear. The Chinese were the first people to use silk worms to make silk. People today breed these worms and make their own silk so they can sell or make apparel out of it. The female silkworm lays up to 500 tiny eggs, the size of a pinhead. When the eggs hatch the baby worms and their diet are leaves and they eat and eat and eat. When they get big they need to shed their skin. A sign that they are going to do that is that they will stay still for a day. Soon the baby silk worm will start to make silk. After a few week the silk worm will build itself a cocoon and after the worm sits in the cocoon for a while it will turn into a moth. The breeders will no longer get silk from the moth but will use the moth for breeding. Have you ever wondered how silk is made? Now you know.


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