Super Social Walruses

Noaa-walrus22 walrus-2-paul-nicklen-ngs

The mustached and long-tusked walrus is most often found near the Arctic Circle, lying on the ice with hundreds of companions. These marine mammals are extremely sociable, prone to loud bellowing and snorting at one another, but are aggressive during mating season. With wrinkled brown and pink hides, walruses look distinguished with their long white tusks, grizzly whiskers, flat flipper, and bodies full of blubber.
Their favorite meals, particularly shellfish, are found near the dark ocean floor.
Walruses use their extremely sensitive whiskers, as detection devices. Their blubbery bodies allow them to live comfortably in the Arctic region. Walruses are capable of slowing their heartbeats in order to withstand the polar temperatures of the surrounding waters.
Only Native Americans are currently allowed to hunt walruses, as the species’ survival was threatened by past overhunting.
We love these ugly creatures!


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