Stars Theater Performance – Alice in Wonderland


As you might have heard I will be joining Stars Theater to perform Alice in Wonderland. I was assigned the part of a Cheshire Cat.
Alice In wonderland is about a girl who imagines a fantastic wonderland. Alice always daydreams and never seems to focus when Mathilda (Alice’s sister) helps Alice in her studies.
Alice always dreams of a land with no worries and fun. One day she sees a white rabbit and follows him to a tree with a hole. Alice falls into the dark hole and soon realizes wonderland is nothing like she ever expected.
Alice meets 3 Cheshire cats and in the play I am Cheshire Cat 2. Cheshire Cats are smiling cats and there are narrators. They continuously show up in the play. In the original play the cats have 3 parts: the head, body and tail. However in this play we are going to be 3 separate cats.
Alice also meets the White Rabbit who helps Alice find Wonderland. Alice always wants to speak to the white rabbit but he is usually in a hurry. All the animals in Wonderland can talk including the White Rabbit
Alice encounters the Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts is a mean person who makes all the creatures of Wonderland suffer. The Queen of Hearts is selfish, loud, very manipulative and thinks she is the best.



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