Shocking Electric Eels

animals-electriceel-slide3-web electric-eel1
Despite their eel like appearance, electric eels are not actually eels. They are closer to carps and catfish. These famous freshwater predators get their name from the enormous electrical charge they can generate to stun prey and scare predators. Their bodies contain electric organs that shock things like a jelly fish.
They live in the murky streams and ponds of the Amazon. They feed mainly on fish, but also amphibians and even birds and small mammals. As air breathers, they must come to the surface the water frequently. They also have poor eyesight.
Electric eels can become very big, exceeding 8 feet in length and 44 pounds in weight. They have long, cylindrical bodies and flattened heads and are generally dark green or grayish on top with yellowish coloring underneath.
Human deaths from electric eels are extremely rare. However, multiple shocks can cause respiratory or heart failure, and people have been known to drown in shallow water after a stunning jolt.
These are shocking animals and are really cool and if you’re looking for a shock to move your life forward an electric eel may be the answer.


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