Happy Hamsters

Flute-Hamster-hamsters-29682529-424-500 sup-065_1z
Fun, happy, playful and pocket sized, hamsters’ name come from a German word meaning to horde. And that is what they do with extra food, they put their extra food in their cheek pouches. When they get hungry they just pull their food out and nibble on it.
Hamsters are energetic and fun to watch. They require wheels or balls to run and hamsters can run 85 miles per night on their wheels!
Hamsters were first discovered in the Syrian dessert in the 18 hundreds and were domesticated in the 1930’s. Now they are one of America’s top ten favorite pets.
They are generally 3-5 inches in height and have small upright ears and short legs. Like all rodents they have strong teeth that need to be shortened by chewing on wood. These furry friends usually have pretty bright cages and need to be covered because they are clever escape artist. Hamsters are healthy group and can live up to 3 years.
Hamsters are easy to care for pets and are fun to watch.



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