What Is Real Milk?

filepicker-HHHtwpoSnlKel9hhVKAr_cows raw-milk1
Do you ever wonder what is in the milk that is sold in the supermarket? Most supermarkets sell pasteurized milk. Pasteurized milk is put into factories and is cooked at a very high degree. The heat of pasteurization takes away all the nutrients including the calcium and the very important vitamins.
Pasteurization caused 1,300 inmates in 11 state prisons to get sick.
Raw milk is a better way of getting nutrients. Raw milk has never had any negative health effects on any humans. Raw milk comes straight from the cow and doesn’t go to the factory. Raw milk is illegal to sell, but farmers may sell if it is used for an animal or pet. The best raw milk come from jersey cows that are grass fed and graze on pastures.
In a raw milk study by Dr. Ernest Scott and professor Lowell Erf studied rats. The rats who drank real raw milk had good growth, a sleek coat and clear eyes. These rats where friendly and liked being handled. The rats who were fed pasteurized milk where not nice and did not look good.
Some big industrial farms feed their milking cows corn, seeds, soy, or chicken manure which are not wholesome.
Now you know what’s in your milk and I hope you don’t choose the chicken manure over real raw yummy milk.


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