Kelsy The Best Dog Ever

Capture Image-1

Pets are really cute and fun. Dogs are the best pets in my opinion. Dogs are loving and sweet. I have a dog so I should know.
My dogs name is Kelsy and she is a beagle. Beagles are a breed dog, they are hunting animals and like all dogs she has a good sense of smell. Most beagle’s weight 20-40 pounds. Kelsy has floppy ears and a small body. Kelsy is 3 colors she is dark brown white and light brown and she is four years old.
All dogs just like Kelsy need walks and she gets to walk outside everyday 2 times a day, usually at 11:00 am and then at 6:00 pm. She gets fed right after she goes on her walk and she always gets fed half a cup of doggy chow.
While I do my school work during the day she might come in to get petted by me. Kelsy has her own couch that she lays on.
During the night my grandpa goes into the living room and watches TV and sometimes Kelsy accompanies him and sits on his lap. Sometimes Kelsy comes into grandma’s room and sits next to me.
Kelsy is the best dog ever and I love her.


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