Thanksgiving 2014


Thanksgiving is the prime time of year because of the weather and the food. This thanksgiving my dad and I had dinner with my aunt and uncle and my 2 cousins at my grandparents.

We were playing and having appetizers while we waited for our food.  Me and my  six year old cousin Lilly watched TV as my aunt took care of my baby cousin Alison who 8 months old.

When my grandma said “come and eat” we all ran into the dinning room like a stampede of hungry  hippo’s. We sat down and prayed for the lovely food, life and family god has given us. We devoured the heavenly turkey, sweet potato’s, gravy, stuffing, jelled cranberry and banana bread my aunt makes every year.

We had to keep my starving dog Kelsey in the cage because every year she eats the banana bread. As we ate I could hear my dog whimper and cry for a nibble of our food.

After our dinner we had apple pie and pumpkin cheesecake with savory vanilla ice-cream. Our whole family mostly enjoyed the pumpkin pie cheesecake. I absolutely relish going to my grandparents house for thanksgiving every year because it represents a great family gathering.

I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving.


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