Skiing At Sugar Mountain

minnieskiing ski-clipart-3

Skiing is so much fun. When you ski you have to get tricky, sticky horrible boots on your feet. The boots attach to your ski’s which are super hard to get on. When we went to sugar mountain me and my cousin enrolled in ski school. We visited during the week so many kids would be at the school. We rented ski equipment and bought warm jackets to avoid the cold. Monday was the day we started skiing it was tough but we had cool ski teachers to help us out. We learned the basics of skiing. On Tuesday we learned how to ride the ski lift and go fast. We went on this slope called Easy Street. It was so much fun when we were on the ski lift with another ski teacher. On Wednesday we continued our journey on Easy Street. This time me and Lilly went on the ski lift together we had a technical difficulty but we sorted it out. We where sad to leave but had an amazing time. I hope to come again next year.


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